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VB.NET Project

VB.NET is one of the quite popular program languages for creating desktop applications. VB.NET can implement OOP applications, Object Oriented Programs.

There are many advantages to why using VB.NET to create desktop applications, including being easy to understand, and the large amount of literature that discusses VB.NET.

Here are some of the projects that we have created using VB.NET, you can share this project link with your friends.

How to Start? You can Install Visual Studio first to make your first program with VB.NET

Get Visual Studio Here: Visual Studio 2019 Full Version

  1. Insert, Update, Delete and Show Data With ListView in Visual Basic
  2. Using Data GridView
  3. Create Login
  4. Create Loading After Login
  5. Make Digital Font in Visual Basic
  6. Create Form Privileges with Database
  7. Running Title in Form
  8. Make Application With Database Can Access in Many Computers
  9. Insert and View Image using Database
  10. Dynamic Connection
  11. Create Reporting Database VB
  12. Change Skin with OSSkin SkinSoft
  13. Create Report Using Crystal Report
  14. Source Code Aplikasi Absensi Visual Basic VB.NET
  15. Create Responsive Form Visual Basic VB.NET
  16. Create Binding Navigator Using Button in Visual Basic
  17. Make ToolTip in Visual Basic
  18. Custom ToolTip Using DotNetBar
  19. Create Running Text Using Timer
  20. Blinking Text in Visual Basic
  21. Open Text File Using Visual Basic
  22. Show Full Path in Visual Basic .NET
  23. Sending Email Using Visual Basic .NET
  24. How to Create and Save File in Visual Basic
  25. Add Specific File from Directory
  26. Add All File from Folder into Listbox
  27. Add File into Listbox Without Extension
  28. Add Mp3 Mp4 Avi Files From Folder into Listbox VB.NET
  29. Make MD5 Password Login System in VB.NET
  30. Mp3 Player Project P1 (Design and Database)
  31. Mp3 Player Project P2 (Add Playlist Into Listbox)
  32. Mp3 Player Project P3 (Play-Pause-Resume)
  33. Mp3 Player Project P4 (Back and Next Playlist)
  34. Mp3 Player Project P5 (Adjust the Volume)
  35. Mp3 Player Project P6 (Play in Forward Mode)
  36. Mp3 Player Project P7 (Play in Repeat Mode)
  37. Mp3 Player Project P8 (Search Box to Find Song)
  38. Change Datagridview Cell Style Color
  39. Count Total Days Between Two Datetimepicker
  40. Make Datagridview Rows Cells Autofit Width
  41. Make Search Menu and Show in Datagridview Visual Basic
  42. Make Mp3 Player Project (Keypress Event) – Part 9 Final
  43. VB.NET Show Items from Database Using Combobox
  44. Find Data Using DateTimePicker
  45. VB.NET Save and Show Items Combobox in My.Settings
  46. Get Text Between Specific Character VB.NET
  47. How to Import Excel into DataGridView Visual Basic
  48. Import Excel into MySQL VB.NET
  49. Minimize Form With Code
  50. Open PDF Files
  51. Delete Directory/Folder
  52. Drawing Line
  53. Drawing Rectangular
  54. Draw Ellipse
  55. Draw Circle
  56. Create MessageBox With InputBox
  57. Create Simple Animation Using Timer
  58. Make Graphical Dice
  59. Make A Game VB.NET
  60. Access Image to PictureBox With 2 Method
  61. Play Video in Resources VB
  62. Check Internet Connection
  63. Detect Extension Visual Basic
  64. Create Simple Hover Button
  65. Only Number on TextBox
  66. Auto Complete Search Results
  67. Shopping Receipt VB.NET
  68. Shopping Receipt + Logo VB.NET
  69. Shopping Receipt + Logo + Header
  70. Crystal Reports Basic
  71. Export to Excel
  72. Barcode Library
  73. QRCode Library
  74. Barcode Source Code VB.NET