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Resetter Epson 702A Printer


Epson 702A Resetter is a software adjustment program to reset Waste ink pad counter from Epson printer type 702A. Epson 702A is a type of Epson printer available in Japan and Asia. By using this Resetter you don’t need to perform maintenance at Epson service center. You can simply do self-care from home.

To reset an Epson 702A printer is quite easy. All you have to do is download the resetter and run the adjustment program software. Here’s a complete guide on how to fully reset an Epson 702A printer.

How to Use Epson 702A Adjustment Program

1) Temporarily disable all existing antiviruses on your computer. Includes Windows Defender Realtime Protection and Tamper Protection if using Windows 10.

2) Download Resetter/Adjustment Program via link below this article.

3) Extract the Resetter file, Open resetter folder and run AdjProg.exe file.

4) Click Accept for License Terms. Then click Particular adjustment mode button. Select Waste ink pad counter, click Ok.

5) Please tick Main pad counter option, then click Check button, after that click Initialize button. Repeat this step if you encounter any error or problem.

After your Epson 702A Successfully reset, you can close the resetter program and turn off your printer, then you can turn on your printer again. You can download Epson 702A resetter or adjustment program via link below.

Resetter Epson 702A Printer Download

How to Reset? See video below

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