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Format Factory Converter Free

Format Factory Converter Free

Format Factory is an application used to convert various types of video and audio files into other types or extensions. Format Factory can also be used to convert types of videos so that they can be played optimally on various devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers, or even to be played on website pages.

The latest Format Factory version has features to support a variety of file type extensions and also the latest codecs that can make video and audio files better even with less size. The Format Factory application can be used to compress various types of video and audio files so that we can get relatively large audio and video file sizes to be relatively smaller. The files supported by Format Factory are MP3, MP4, MKV, Webm, Gif, AVI and also other formats.

This Format Factory application can run on Windows operating systems such as Windows 7, Windows 8, and also Windows 10, as well as Windows 11. For the latest version of the factory format, it can also be used to convert various document files not only for audio video, but you can also convert files such as word and PDF.

The latest Format Factory can run fine on Windows 11 but if you are using Windows 10 or below you can still try to install Format Factory on your PC.

This Format Factory application has a size of approximately 103 MB, besides you can install it as a Master Application, you can also install it as a portable application which of course you can put in a storage area such as a flash drive to be used anywhere.

By using Format Factory you can use simple tools such as video editors to cut, to merge, and also to optimize the video and audio you have so that it becomes what you want.

You can download the Format Factory application for free via the link we have provided below. You can choose the server that is best for you, and also you can install it easily by following the guide once you have executed the Format Factory application file.

Format Factory Converter Free Download

Developer: PCFreeTime
OS: Windows
Size: ± 103 MB

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