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InstallShield for Visual Studio 2019

InstallShield for Visual Studio 2019

InstallShield for Visual Studio 2019 is software used to be able to create deployments and create setup/installer files on projects that we create using Visual Studio IDE (Integrated Development Environment). Using InstallShield for Visual Studio 2019 to create an installer file will be easier because InstallShield provides a wizard when creating an installer file.

There are many advantages to using deployment InstallShield instead of having to use the built-in deployment features of Visual Studio 2019. Using InstallShield makes the application installer file that we create more professional. This is because InstallShield can create a single installer file unlike the built-in Visual Studio feature where our application will have many files. Here are some of the excellent features of InstallShield.

InstallShield 2019 Features

  • Deployment Wizard
  • Single File Installer Deployment
  • Can set EULA/Terms of Services file
  • Easy to Use
  • Can Easily Repeat Build Deployment for Fix a bug
  • More Professional than Default Deployment on Visual Studio

In addition to having the features mentioned above, InstallShield also has another advantage, namely a free version. For security and reliability issues it is already very guaranteed because InstallShield software is very popular and is made by the well-known company Flexera INC.

But maybe some programmers and developers also prefer to use deployments from Visual Studio, this is because using InstallShield for some programmers is less practical and troublesome when installing. This is because the version of InstallShield used must support version of Visual Studio that we are using. Otherwise, InstallShield will not appear in the Deployment menu in Visual Studio.

For those of you who need InstallShield for Visual Studio 2019 you can download it through some of the links we provide below. This InstallShield extensions you can use only on Visual Studio 2019 and Windows operating systems.


Is InstallShield a free software?
Yes, there is a free version that can be used for production

Is InstallShield for Visual Studio 2019 only be used for Visual Studio 2019?
Yes, the InstallShield version does support specific Visual Studio versions

How to use InstallShield?
You can search on Google with keyword ‘Setup and Deployment Visual Studio with InstallShield

Is InstallShield software safe?
Yes, InstallShield software is safe and already very popular for desktop application developers

InstallShield for Visual Studio 2019 Download

Developer: Flexera Software
Size: 68.4 MB
IDE/OS: Visual Studio 2019/Windows OS

How to Use InstallShield? See video below

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