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Resetter Epson L565 Printer


Resetter Epson L565 is used to reset the versatile printer that is Epson L565. Epson L565 printers are widely used in offices because these printers support for three functions at once, photocopy, scan, and printing. Because of this, Epson printers this one is quite popular moreover can also be used in linked with a WiFi connection rather than using a wired connection.

To reset Epson printer L565 It’s easy enough, first download the Resetter Epson L565, then you extract the file, double-click on the files Adjprog.exe. Then you can select “Particular adjustment mode“, select “Waste Ink pad counter“, click “Ok“, tick the section “Main pad counter “. After that you can click the button “Check“, then click also button “Initialize“, finally click “Finish“, then turn off and turn on your printer again.

That is exactly how to reset the Epson l565 printer, this resetter has a relatively small size of about 2.61 MB. You can download a resetter of Epson L565 via 2 servers, use the other if one of the links doesn’t work.

Resetter Epson L565 Download

How to Use? See Video Below

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