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What is Chrome OS?

Chrome OS

Now that Chrome OS is gaining popularity, surely many are wondering what Chrome OS is? It’s usually known as Windows or Mac OS. Well, this time WareData will give a little idea of what Chrome OS is.

Chrome OS is an operating system made by Google that was developed to be used on even low-spec devices, the base is of course Linux comrade. Chrome OS is almost similar to the Android operating system, the applications installed by default on Chrome OS include: Google Chrome Browser, Playstore, and several other applications built into Google. Friends can of course still install other applications through the Playstore provided by Chrome OS.

Pros of Chrome OS

Chrome OS is claimed to be virus-free so that its users will be safe from interference with many computer viruses such as those found on Windows OS. In addition, Chrome OS is also very light to use on various devices such as Laptops / Computers even with low specs. Chrome OS can also be installed other applications via the PlayStore. What is clear is that Chrome OS is free, and free to use as long as we want.

Cons of Chrome OS

For those who are used to using Windows, they need to adjust again to be able to use the chrome OS built-in application. Chrome OS certainly does not support being used for popular applications found on Windows, but of course there are many other application alternatives that may be similar to Windows OS. In addition, Chrome OS is usually only suitable for certain circles.

Install and Download Chrome OS

To install Chrome OS, friends need to run Linux first. Here it can be bundled using Linux Mint. Friends can create bootable media first, I recommend using USB and software such as Rufus. After the friends run, the friends need to go to the folder “Computer > File System > cdrom > Chrome OS“, right-click on an empty space and select “Open in Terminal“. Then run the following command:

sudo apt-get install cgpt pv

sudo sh

Type “yes” and press Enter to proceed with the installation. Wait for it to finish..

After finishing installing, friends can restart their friends’ PCs / Laptops and run Chrome OS that has been installed. Don’t forget to unplug the Bootable USB or the media that your friends use to run Linux Mint.

Friends can download Chrome OS via the following link.