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Epson L6550 Driver

Epson L6550 Driver

Epson L6550 Driver is software used to maximize the performance of the Epson EcoTank L6550 printer. By installing this driver, friends will get a scanner function and can also make it easier for friends to do maintenance on the Epson L6550 printer. Of course you don’t want your friends when they are going to use the printer to have to disassemble it? It’s really complicated for sure.


Epson L6550 is one type of All in One printer which means it can be used for printing, copying, and scanning. With this facility, of course, this type of printer is very suitable for use on an office scale, although for a home scale it can also be done. In addition, the Epson L6550 printer also adopts EcoTank which will make it easier for friends to change printer ink, so that it doesn’t spill over.


Epson L6550 has 2 software drivers, one for printers and one scanner. Friends must install these two driver software so that the printer can be used optimally. In addition, after the driver is installed, there is a menu for maintenance, so it will facilitate the work of friends later.

When friends install the Epson L6550 driver, the printer must be connected to the PC and the printer must also be on, then friends may also need to restart after installing the driver. The size of the Epson L6550 driver is 92.4 MB. Friends can install this driver on the Windows 11/10/8/7 operating system. Friends can download the Epson L6550 Driver via the following link.