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Resetter Epson XP-332-332a-335 Printer


Resetter Epson 332 332a 335 is used to reset Waste Ink Pad counter contained in the printer Epson XP 332, 332a, and 335. This Epson Printer We know uses All in one function technology ranging from printing, scanning, and also copying. This Printer has also used Wireless connection technology that makes it easy to process document printing.

Apart from the excess printer type XP 332 332a and 335, most of the Epson type printers are having problems Waste ink pad counter when reaching certain limits after printing. Therefore here we will share resetter for Epson XP printers 332 332a and also 335 for free.

To use the Resetter Epson 332 332a and 335 first you have to download the Resetter with the link below the article. Then after you download, extract Resetter and then run/double-click on AdjProg.exe, on the Model Name select your printer type, on Destination Select according to your location for example “Euro“. After that click “Ok “.

The next step is to select button “Particular adjustment mode“, then select “Waste Ink pad counter“, then click “Ok“. Tick section “Main pad Counter“, then click button “Check“, followed by clicking on the button “Initialize“, lastly turn off your printer and turn your printer on again. You can download the Resetter of Epson XP 332, 332a, and 335 through the following link.

Resetter Epson XP-332-332a-335 Printer Download

How to Reset? See video below

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