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Free Download Manager for Windows 11

Free Download Manager for Windows 11

XDM is a downloader software that runs very well on Windows 10 and Windows 11 operating systems. So far, we often find downloader software on the windows operating system which is paid. However, XDM offers a quality downloader software that is free and completely free and even in the open source category.

XDM was developed to answer the very limited needs of Windows users when they want to download a document or a multimedia file that is very difficult to download. Even XDM is equivalent to the very expensive paid software on the market for the Windows operating system.

Here are the features found in XDM

  • Increase download speed several times
  • Able to download a wide variety of file types
  • Auto-detect video and audio files so they can be downloaded easily
  • Can convert downloaded results directly
  • The supported file extension can be edited as needed
  • Able to resume unfinished downloads
  • Can be set the maximum number of times the desired download speed
  • Can download by copying and pasting the URL manually
  • Can use Proxy
  • User friendly UI

XDM for Windows can be run on almost any type of Windows starting from Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows 11. In addition, the relatively small file size of XDM can also make this XDM can be installed easily on many PCs.

You can download the Windows version of XDM through several servers that we provide below. For the use of XDM you don’t need to learn many things because this XDM software can be used directly easily even for ordinary people. For an overview of how XDM software works, you can watch the following video that we embed.

How to Use XDM on Windows? See video below

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