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Ranch Simulator Game for Android

Ranch Simulator Game for Android

Ranch Simulator for Android is an Android version of the simulation game that invites players to do activities such as raising and hunting. Ranch simulator is very similar to other games such as Stardew Valley but the Ranch Simulator game uses 3-dimensional visual effects that are much stronger so that the reality of this game is certainly closer to reality in its graphics technology.

Ranch Simulator Game for Android is a game made by GameOnBudget Developer. Ranch Simulator has its own fans among Android game lovers. This is because the concept of Ranch Simulator is slightly different from other types of games that offer how to feel hunting and also looking for supplies in the vast wild.

Hunting is indeed the most important activity in the Ranch Simulator game. You can hunt different types of animals in the wild, of course this is used for survival in the game. However, hunting can also be a dangerous activity because wild animals have the instinct to attack you.

For the game to find supplies of course you have to collect foodstuffs in the game, that includes meat from the beasts you hunted before. In addition, you can also look for other items in the game to survive. You can explore the forest which is the main arena in playing this Ranch Simulator for Android game.


  • Can be played anywhere because Ranch Simulator is an Android version
  • Small size only around 228 MB
  • Can run without an internet connection though


  • The field of view is less extensive than the PC version
  • A little difficult to do character control
  • The map is more limited than the PC version


Is this game for Android version only?
No, there is also a PC version of Ranch Simulator out there, but what we are sharing is the Android version.

Minimum Android Specifications to Play Ranch Simulator?
At a minimum, you have to use Android 4+ with 4 GB RAM and 2 GB storage left.

Does this game use scroll buttons?
Yes, to perform the controls in the game you have to use the scroll buttons to direct your character.

Ranch Simulator Game Download for Android

Developer: GameOnBudget
Size: 228 MB
OS: Android 4+

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