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Redesigned Windows 11 by Rectify

windows 11 redesigned

Rectify11 is a modified interpretation of Windows 11 that aims to redesign and fix UI inconsistencies in Microsoft’s rearmost desktop Zilches. It has been made by a inventor named MikeRosoft6009. The shell has been redesigned from scrape to keep everything in line with the ultramodern Fluent Design.

To begin with, it has a harmonious dark mode that supports Win32 apps, heritage windows like Control Panel, Winver, old dialog boxes, and more. In fact, Rectify11 is backward-compatible with decade-old UI rudiments, therefore, making the UI entirely harmonious and cohesive.

Piecemeal from that, Rectify11 has completely redesigned the Windows 11 installation setup with streamlined icons to match the ultramodern aesthetics. The platoon has also redesigned the lading ring on Rectify11, in addition to some cool new wallpapers. Not to mention, the recovery terrain, Train Discoverer converses, system parcels, action boxes, all these UI rudiments have been streamlined with new icons, sources, and WinUI 3 themes. Principally, Rectify11 is each about perfecting the last bit that Microsoft has not given important attention to.

Download Windows 11 Redesigned Below

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