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Resetter Epson L3070 Printer


Epson L3070 resetter is a software adjustment program used to reset waste ink pad counter on Epson L3070 printers. By using this adjustment program, you will be able to solve the problem of “Service required” errors on Epson L3070 printers. So that once reset the printer will be able to be reused properly.

Epson L3070 resetter can be used for free, unlimited on many PCs though. Its use is also quite easy so you can follow the guidelines independently at home. To reset your Epson L3070 printer, please follow these guidelines.

How To Reset Epson L3070 Printer With Adjustment Program

1) Temporarily disable all antiviruses on your computer. Includes Windows Defender Realtime Protection and Tamper Protection if you are using Windows 10.

2) Then you must download the resetter adjustment program through the link below this article.

3) After file downloaded, Extract the resetter file by right-clicking then select Extract Here, then run the file named “Adjprog.exe“. Then click the “Select” button, select “L3070” in the Model Name option. While in the Destination option please select according to the location where your printer is made, for example if in Euro select “EURO“. Then click “Ok“.

4) Click the “Particular adjustment mode” button, select “Waste ink pad counter“, click “Ok“.

5) Tick the “Main pad counter” option. Then click the “Check” button, followed by clicking the “Initialize” button. If the error you can repeat this step until the printer is successfully reset.

That’s the tutorial and guide how to reset Epson L3070 printer using adjustment program. You can download the resetter for Epson L3070 printers via the following link.

Resetter Epson L3070 Printer Download

How to Reset? See video below

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