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Sample Excel File .XLSX Download

Sample Excel File .XLSX Download

Do you need some sample excel files for your practicum material and you are lazy to make them because they take a lot of time? If yes, you are in the right place. Here we will give you some excel file examples with hundreds of data that you can process or just for your needs in making formulas that need a lot of data.

Working with Microsoft Excel does require patience because creating data is not as easy as when we write as usual in Microsoft Word or Wordpad. Because of that, sometimes we need dummy data that can be used to create various formulas which of course will make your work much easier.

Here we provide 2 excel files containing hundreds of data. The first file contains employee data, in this file contains various columns such as ID, Name, Job, Department, Business Unit, Gender, Ethnicity, Age, Date contracted, Salary, Bonus, Country, and exit date. Of course with data like this you will be free to create formulas in Excel related to people data or even jobs and salaries, this file will be very useful and will really help you complete your work without creating data one by one.

Meanwhile, the second sample excel file contains financial data, in this excel there are various columns such as Segment, Country, Product, Discount, Goods Sold, Manufacturing, Selling Price, Gross Sales, Profit, Date, Month, Year, and there are still several other columns. In this second excel file example, there are also hundreds of data to more than 500 data. Of course, this kind of data in excel will be useful for you to create formulas related to inventory, sales, and other things related to finance.

Benefits of Sample Data in Excel Files

  1. Speed up your work.
  2. Make it easier to create formulas.
  3. Try out the features in Excel.
  4. Testing whether the formula works or not.
  5. For practicum purposes.
  6. Other needs that are still related to Excel.

After seeing the many benefits of the sample data in the Excel file, it is not surprising that many people look for it, including ourselves. Here we hope this Excel file will be useful for you to start working with Excel.

You can download the example of 2 excel files that contain hundreds of data in them through the server and link that we provide below.

Sample Excel File .XLSX Download

File Type: .xlsx (Microsoft Excel)
File Size: 96.8KB & 81.4KB
File Support: Microsoft Excel 2007 version or above

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