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Trackmania Nations Forever MacOS Download [Direct Link]

Trackmania Nations Forever on MacOS

TrackMania Nations Forever For MacOS is a version of the TrackMania Nations Forever game that was created to be able to run on Apple’s built-in MacOS operating system. As we know Trackmania Nations forever itself is a solo racing game with several track options.

This TrackMania Nations Forever game features a lot of Racing modes in solo campaigns with options for 65 tracks, some of which are rated White, Green, Blue, Red, and Black.

The White, Green, Blue, and Red levels in TrackMania Nations Forever each have 15 different tracks, while the Black level itself has 5 different tracks.

The trackmania games Nations Forever also come with a track editor that has several new blocks and is featured in TrackMania United so that players from TrackMania United Forever and TrackMania Nations Forever can play together on the same Stadium server.

As in the games in TrackMania Nations ESWC, game players can represent several countries of their own choice in the ladder system provided in the TrackMania Nations Forever game.

Nadeo as the creator of the game has stated that they want the life of the game in TrackMania Nations Forever to last a long time, so in creating and updating the game they focused more on improving the engine and user interface rather than adding new content to the TrackMania Game Nations Forever.

Some TrackMania Nations Forever Game Notes

  • TrackMania Nations Forever broke the world record of online gaming with 250 players on the same track.
  • TrackMania Nations Forever has a Stadium and is available for free.
  • TrackMania Nations Forever was the last game developed by Nadeo and published by Focus Home Interactive.
  • TrackMania Nations Forever uses the same music as TrackMania United and United Forever.
  • A remix in trackmania nation forever of the music used in the trailer will later be used for the Rally environment in TrackMania: Build to Race.

You can download TrackMania Nations Forever game with direct link specifically for MacOS via the following link.

Trackmania Nations Forever MacOS Download

Developer: Nadeo
Size: ±558 MB

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