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1001TVs for Windows

1001TVs for Windows

1001TVs is a free software that can be used to do mirroring between a Windows PC and an Android smartphone. 1001TVs can record any activity of the smartphone screen and displayed on the PC. To use this software, of course, you also have to install the Android version on Google Play and also install the PC version that we will provide.

As we know the increasing popularity of smartphones and the applications in them are very necessary as well as a tool to be able to project smartphone activities on computer screens with various purposes, especially for presentations. Here are some of the benefits of 1001TVs software.

1001TVs function

  • Recording smartphone screen activities
  • Presenting an existing application on a smartphone
  • Create a guide video
  • Creating tutorials
  • Enlarge the display of the smartphone screen
  • Blogger/Vlogger needs

With free software, 1001TVs can be an alternative because some similar software on the market still imposes a price to be able to use it in full. In addition, 1001TVs is also quite easy to use, you only need to connect your PC and smartphone on the same network as WiFi, then of course you have to install software on both devices, for the PC version you can download it under this article, for the Android version you can download it on Google Play.


What is the main function of 1001TVs software?
The main function of this software is to mirror smartphone screen to the PC

Is 1001TVs safe to use?
Safe, so far we have tried and there is no sign of this software being dangerous.

What Windows support to run 1001TVs?
Windows 7/8/10/11. There is also a MacOS version available but we don’t provide it.

For those of you who need 1001TVs software to mirror your smartphone screen, you can download 1001TVs software via the following link.

1001TVs for Windows Download

Developer: Swift Mirror
Size: 4.43 MB
OS: Windows

How to Use 1001TVs? See video below

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