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Process Explorer Download

Process Explorer Windows Software

Process Explorer is software used to monitor the running of the system and applications on the Windows operating system. The way Process Explorer works is similar to the task manager which is the default application of the Windows operating system. However Process Explorer features a better and deeper process so it is very easy for users to understand.

You need to run Process Explorer software as administrator level to get the best view, because to know the system processes running more deeply requires administrator-level privilege.

Process Explorer features

  • List Process of System Application
  • CPU Usage
  • Private Byte
  • Working Set
  • PID
  • Description
  • List of App Making Companies
  • Affinity Set
  • Set Priority
  • Kill Process/Kill Process Tree
  • Restart/Suspend
  • Create Dump
  • Check Virus


Is Process Explorer safe?
Yes, this software is very safe to use but you need knowledge in using it so as not to kill processes that should not and make Windows operating system crash. You can also check the file through a Virus Total website.

Does it function similar to Task Manager on Windows?
Yes, but a much better detection and display system with multiple colors is available.

Does Process Explorer software need to be installed?
No, you can also use Process Explorer portable.

There are many uses of Process Explorer software, including that it can be used to control the running of third-party applications. It runs simply and doesn’t take much memory usage like Task manager on Windows. You can download the Process Explorer software via the following link.

Process Explorer Download

Name: Process Explorer
Size: 1.91 MB
OS: Windows 7/8/10/11

Example of Using Process Explorer in VirtualBox

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