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How to Use Tabs Mini App Bar on Telegram

How to Use Tabs on Telegram

June update introduces several exciting features that are set to transform the user experience on Telegram. Among the notable additions are the ability to minimize mini apps into a compact bar, new monetization options for content creators through paid photos and videos, and significant improvements to the Stories feature with enhanced search capabilities and a new link widget. These enhancements are designed to make the platform more user-friendly and provide greater opportunities for content creators to engage with their audience and generate revenue.

One of the standout features of this update is the introduction of the Mini App Bar. With over 500 million Telegram users interacting with mini apps on a monthly basis, this new feature offers a seamless way to manage multiple apps simultaneously. Users can now collapse mini apps into a bar at the bottom of their screen, allowing them to respond to messages or switch to other mini apps without losing their place. This functionality is achieved by simply swiping down on the app’s header to minimize it and tapping the app bar to reopen it, ensuring a smooth and efficient multitasking experience.

How To Use Mini App Bar or Tabs on Telegram? See Video Below

How To Use Mini App Bar or Tabs on Telegram

In addition to improving usability, this update brings significant benefits to content creators. Telegram now offers a way for creators to monetize their channels by sharing paid photos and videos. This new monetization option provides a lucrative opportunity for creators to earn income directly through the platform, fostering a more sustainable content creation ecosystem. By offering exclusive content to their audience, creators can enhance their engagement and build a loyal subscriber base willing to support their work financially.

Furthermore, the update enhances the Stories feature, making it easier for users to discover and engage with relevant content. The introduction of search by hashtag or location allows users to find Stories that match their interests more effectively. This improvement not only boosts content visibility but also encourages users to explore a wider variety of Stories shared by different creators. Additionally, the new link widget enables users to include clickable links within their Stories, providing a more interactive and informative experience for their audience.

As part of this update, Telegram is also introducing new rewards for mini app developers and content creators. Starting today, they can use the Stars they’ve earned to receive rewards in Toncoin or purchase Telegram Ads at special discounted rates. This initiative aims to incentivize high-quality content and app development, promoting a thriving ecosystem where creators and developers can reap tangible benefits from their contributions to the platform.

In conclusion, Telegram’s June update is packed with features that enhance usability, support content monetization, and improve content discovery. The Mini App Bar simplifies multitasking, while new monetization options empower creators to generate income. Enhanced search functionality and the link widget in Stories offer users a richer and more engaging experience. You can read the full update here.

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