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HP Discontinues Laser Printers Featuring Online-Only DRM: Key Details Inside

HP Discontinues Laser Printers Featuring Online-Only DRM

HP has spent years ignoring customer complaints about DRM that forces users to buy the company’s pricey ink cartridges. But now, it seems HP has finally caved to the pressure and decided to stop making laser printers that require a mandatory subscription service. This change aims to offer more affordable options for consumers who have been frustrated by the costly restrictions.

The good news for current HP printer owners is that they won’t be affected by this shift. So if you already have an HP printer, you can continue using it without any changes. This move is a big win for those looking for cheaper printing solutions without being locked into a subscription.

Laser printers tied to HP’s subscription service are vanishing from online marketplaces. This move follows years of criticism over HP’s DRM policies and expensive ink cartridges. HP informed German outlet Druckerchannel that they withdrew these laser printers due to concerns about clients who couldn’t keep them connected to cloud services 24/7.

These printers require a subscription to the online-only HP+ service, which offers an extended warranty, remote printing through cloud servers, and other perks. Druckerchannel suggests that some businesses faced security issues with constant connections, and HP responded to customer backlash over the online-only DRM. This change aims to address these concerns and offer more flexibility to users.

The discontinued models include all LaserJet printers with names ending in “e.” This affects the following models:

-HP Laser Jet Pro 3002dwe, 4002dwe, 4002dne
-HP Laser Jet Pro MFP 3102fdwe, 4102fdwe, 4102dwe
-HP Laser Jet M209dwe, M110we
-HP Laser Jet MFP M140we, M234sdwe, M234sdne

HP has announced plans to introduce online functionality in future LaserJet models but hasn’t provided specific details yet. Users of the delisted variants won’t experience any changes and will still need to use the HP+ service.

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