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Resetter Canon MP287 Printer


Canon MP287 resetter is a software adjustment program that can be used to reset ink pad counter on Canon MP287 printers. Canon resetters have little difference than Epson resetters.

Canon MP287 resetter can be used only if you have entered service mode from a Canon printer. For guidance on how to reset a Canon MP287 printer, you can follow these steps.

How to Reset Canon MP287 with Resetter

1) Position the printer off but the plug remains connected to the power source and the printer’s USB cable is connected to the computer/laptop, then press and hold the RESET button and then press the POWER button, in the state of the POWER button remains on hold, release the RESET button, and press again 6 times. If it has been pressed 6 times release both buttons (RESET & POWER) simultaneously.
2) Download the Canon MP287 Resetter via the link below the article. Then extract resetter file.
3) Run the resetter file as Administrator, right-clicking > Run as administrator.
4) After the application opens, in the Clear Absorber Counter section press the SET button, the Printer will print 1 sheet with the page and on the application will appear the message “A Function was finished“. Then in the Ink Absorber Counter section press SET button until the notification appears A Function was finished.
5) Done, after that you can turn off the printer and turn it back on. It’s important to get into service mode first before you reset, so do it carefully.

Canon MP287 Resetter Download

Canon MP287 resetter can be run on Windows 7/8/10/11. You can use this resetter for free and unlimited. You can download the canon MP287 resetter through the following link. It is approximately 201 KB in size.

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