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Crystal Reports 2021 for Visual Studio

Crystal Reports 2021 for Visual Studio

Crystal reports 2021 for Visual Studio is a version of Crystal reports issued by SAP to support Visual Studio 2019 and Visual Studio 2022. Crystal reports 2021 is the most recent version of Crystal reports even though it is currently entering 2022.

As we know, Crystal reports software is used to create a report specifically for use in conjunction with an IDE such as Microsoft Visual Studio.

Crystal reports 2021 has several updates regarding features and speed and compatibility for use in the latest Microsoft Visual Studio. You can create a wide variety of reports using Visual Studio and programming languages such as C# and also VB.NET.

It is not easy to download Microsoft Crystal reports version that can be supported by certain types of Visual Studio, because we need to correctly choose the version, even difficult when we try to download on the SAP official website though. If they don’t match then Crystal reports themselves will not be usable in Microsoft Visual Studio.

You can create reports using Crystal reports 2021 also by connecting to one of the database engines such as MySQL, Oracle, Ms. Access, or Microsoft SQL Server.

You can install Crystal reports 2021 at least on Windows 8, and it is recommended that Windows 10 or Windows 11 using the Visual Studio 2019 or 2022 IDE.

Crystal reports 2021 has a total size of ±410 MB. You can download SAP Crystal reports 2021 through several servers that we provide below.

Crystal Reports 2021 for Visual Studio Download

Developer: SAP
Size: ±410 MB
IDE: Visual Studio 2019, 2022

How to Install Crystal Reports 2021? See Video Below

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