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Resetter Epson XP235 Printer


Resetter Epson XP235 is resetter or Adjustment Program to reset your was ink pad counter in Epson XP235 printer. To reset Epson XP235 is quiet easy, you need to download the resetter from this site, and you can open the Adjustmen Program and start to reset your printer.

In here let’s see how to reset your Epson XP235 with this resetter. After you download the resetter, you can extract first, then you can run AdjProg.exe, then you must select Model Name to XP-235, for Destination you can choose EURO/Belgium, the click Ok, now select button Particular Adjustment Mode, click Waste ink pad counter, click Ok, checklist in Main pad counter, click Check button, click Initialize button, and last you can turn off your printer then you can on again.

That’s all tutorial about how to reset epson xp235 printer. This resetter is powerfull also free. If you still confused how to reset epson xp235 you can contact us, we will produce the video tutorial to make easier for you. If have any question about how to reset epson xp235 you can fill up in the form comment.

Resetter Epson XP235 Printer Download

How to Reset? See video below

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