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Epson L360 Driver Download

Epson L360 Driver Download

Epson L360 drivers are software used to maximize performance of Epson L360 printers. By using the driver for the Epson L360 you will eventually also be able to use the scanner feature on the Epson L360 printer.

Epson L360 driver also needs to be installed if you want the Epson L360 printer to be detected in various common applications that are often used to print documents on Windows such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Power Point, and also Acrobat Reader.

Epson L360 driver consists of 2 drivers, namely drivers for printers and also drivers for scanners. Both of these drivers need to be installed for the Epson L360 printer to work properly. For steps to install drivers follow this guide.

How to Install Epson L360 Driver

  1. Turn on the printer and the PC where you want to install the driver. Make sure the printer is also connected to your Windows PC with the USB cable contained in the printer.
  2. Download printer driver + scanner for Epson L360 link is below this article.
  3. Install drivers one by one starting from the printer driver first then continuing with installing the scanner driver.
  4. When finished, usually you have to restart your PC so that the printer can be used to scan and print properly.


Why do Epson L360 drivers fail to install?
Usually the printer has not really connected to the PC correctly. Make sure the cable has stuck in perfectly, usually Windows will make a sound once if the printer is connected.

Why can’t the scanner be used?
Once installed you need to restart the PC to be able to use the scanner. If it doesn’t work try turning the printer off and after that turn on the printer again.

Can Epson L360 drivers be updated?
Yes, if later there is a driver update you can also directly install it without the need to update it manually.

The drivers for Epson L360 that we provide can only be used for Windows operating system. You can install this driver on Windows 7/8/10/11. You can download drivers for the Epson L360 printer via the following link.

Epson L360 Driver Download

Driver: Epson L360 Printer
OS: Windows 7/8/10/11
Size: 34.9 MB & 23.3 MB

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