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Epson L6460 Printer Driver Download

Epson L6460 Driver

The Epson L6460 is one of the latest multifunction Epson printers made by Epson. This printer can be used to print documents, copy documents and also scan documents.

Having a fairly high shape because the features contained in the Epson L6460 printer is quite complete is a natural thing. In addition to printing documents, Epson printers have the feature of copying documents with quite a lot of methods, you can copy documents 2 sides and can also copy objects such as ID cards that have two sides.

In addition, this printer has a Fax feature, and can even print documents from the cloud, but of course there are settings you have to do like you have to register the printer with Epson Connect.

Looking at the features and sizes of the Epson L6460 printer, we think this printer is more suitable for business and office scale, while for individual use at home it can still be done as long as you have enough space to put the Epson L6460 printer.

In order to use the printing and scanner features optimally, of course, you must install the Epson L6460 driver on your computer. Here we provide drivers for the 64 bit version of the Epson L6460 printer and scanner that you can install on the Windows operating system.

For those of you who need printer and scanner drivers for Epson L6460 can download it via the following link.

Epson L6460 Driver Download

File Size: 32.4MB & 61.4MB
File Type: .Exe
OS: Windows 7/8/10/11 or above (64 bit)

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