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Resetter Epson WF-2528+WF-2538+WF-2548 Printer


Epson WF-2528+WF-2538+WF-2548 Resetter is a software adjustment program used to reset printers of type Epson Workforce 2528/2538/2548. This Epson resetter can reset 3 types of workforce printers. Epson WF resetter for 2528/2538/2548 can be used for free, easily, and unlimited.

Using Epson WF-2528+WF-2538+WF-2548 Resetter is very easy, you can follow these guidelines.

How to Use Epson WF-2528+WF-2538+WF-2548 Resetter

1) Disable all antiviruses that are already installed on your computer. Includes Windows Realtime Protection and Tamper Protection if using Windows 10.

2) You can download the resetter via the link below the article.

3) Once downloaded, then you can extract and run a file named “adjprog.exe“.

4) Click the “Select” button, and specify what type of Epson Workforce you want to reset, 2528/2538/2548. Also select “Destination” according to the location where your printer was created. Then click “Ok“.

5) Select the “Particular adjustment mode” button, then select “Waste ink pad counter“. Tick the “Main pad counter” section, click the “Check” button, then click the “Initialization” button.

6) If an error occurs repeat the last step until the printer is successfully reset.

Once all the processes are complete, you can click “Finish” and close the resetter program. Then you can turn off the printer and turn it back on. You can download the Resetter for Epson Workforce 2528/2538/2548 via the link below.

Resetter Epson WF-2528+WF-2538+WF-2548 Printer Download

How to Reset? See video below

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