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How to Get Discount on Themeforest

How to Get Discount on Themeforest

To get a discount on Themeforest the method is quite easy, we just have to be observant when and where Themeforest discounts are always available. Themeforest itself is a marketplace where people can sell and buy digital products related to websites, such as themes and templates.

There are so many items that are very popular on Themeforest, such as WordPress themes, blog templates, Hugo themes, and also themes for other CMS (Content Management System). With prices that vary from units of dollars to hundreds of dollars, of course we as buyers will be very happy if we can get a discount on the items we want.

Actually, to get a discount on Themeforest there are 2 options, namely using direct discounts and also using discounts that are usually found on big days such as Black Friday and also Christmas. Here you can follow the guide on how to get a discount on Themeforest.

How to Get Discount on Themeforest

1) Via Discount Link

Themeforest actually provides discounts on many items every time. It is important for those of you who are eyeing a specific item to open this link every time, so that when the item you want applies a discount you can immediately buy it. This link will always be updated by Themeforest so that what is discounted today, maybe tomorrow or the day after tomorrow will not be the same, so if you are eyeing the item you choose and when there is a discount you may be worth buying it immediately.

For links to items discounted by Themeforest, you can open it via the button below.

2) Through special days or big days

Themeforest often makes discounts on various digital products on special days or on big days. So it is important for you to always monitor the items you are after in those days. The special days that Themeforest often does discounts on are Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Halloween, Christmas, and possibly other big days.

Usually on these days there will be a lot of items given discounts by Themeforest. Therefore, if we want an item there, it is important to always monitor the item, especially on the special days that we mentioned, so that you don’t miss it if it turns out that there is a discount there.

Those are the two ways how you can get discounted items on Themeforest. During our experience, Themeforest does not provide discounts through coupons as we often see on other marketplace sites, for that it is important to understand those 2 ways to get a discount on the items you want on Themeforest.

Benefits of getting a discount from Themeforest

  • The price is much cheaper than the original price
  • Lifetime (same as you buy at a normal price)
  • Terms of use of items such as regular prices (unlimited anything)
  • Can save us money
  • It won’t be too regret if the items we buy later are not satisfactory
  • The rest of the money can be used for other purposes


Does Themeforest always have discounts?
Yes, so far Themeforest always holds discounts through the link we have provided in the guide, although the amount is not as much as when the discount is on a big day.

How much discount do we get on Themeforest?
The amount of the discount depends on Themeforest’s own policy, but it is often between 5% – 20% of the amount of discount obtained.

Can we make a refund on Themeforest?
After we buy an item on Themeforest, we cannot make a refund.

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