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How to Make the Draw Tool Bigger on Snapchat

How to Make the Draw Tool Bigger on Snapchat

To make drawing tools bigger in the Snapchat application, it is very easy. All you have to do is use both fingers to Zoom in so that it zooms in (bigger) on the drawing tool, or you can zoom out so that it zoom out (smaller) the drawing tool on the Snapchat application. For more details you can see the tutorial in the following video.

How to Make Drawing Tool Bigger on Snapchat

Snapchat is a popular application especially in the United States, this is because it has a unique feature to send picture and video messages to friends or other users. With such a photo or video can be set how long it can be viewed and will be deleted by application automatically.

In addition, Snapchat also gained more trust after Meta/Facebook failed to acquire this application. As we know Meta/Facebook is often plagued by user privacy issues. Hence Snapchat is becoming an alternative in some circles of people in the United States.

The drawing tool feature itself on Snapchat can be appeared after we take pictures using the camera. So we can use the drawing tool to give some other details to the image we have taken.


How big is the maximum size of the drawing tool on Snapchat?
The size can probably be more than 10 times the original. But still there are limits to how big it is.

Can the drawing tool on Snapchat be used for videos?
So far only in photos/images can drawing tools be used.

Will the original photo be lost if it has been edited with a drawing tool?
As long as you save it first the original photo will not be lost.

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