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Old Windows 10 ISO


Windows 10 old ISO is a version of the Windows 10 operating system that we feel is quite stable, fast, not many burdensome features so it is very feasible to install on older series PCs that do not have good enough hardware specifications. Because the new Windows 10 series is full of new features that are sometimes not very suitable for some people with the old hardware they have, so we feel the need to share this old Windows 10 version for those who need to install their PC.

This old version of Windows 10 that we shared has an ISO size for the 64bit version of about 5.05 GB and for the 32bit version of about 3.55GB. Of course for those of you whose hardware is quite old, and does not support 64bit you can use the 32bit version and this will certainly be comforting. Because the latest operating systems such as Windows 11 do not have a 32bit version and will greatly burden computers with old series hardware specs.

You can install this old Windows 10 with ISO format using a USB that you can make bootable with software like Rufus. And of course you can also use this ISO of Windows 10 to create a Virtual machine using software like VirtualBox. In addition, the existence of 32bit and 64bit versions will give you the flexibility to choose which one is most suitable for your hardware.

This old Windows 10 has the characteristics of not easy to update, not too many features, and is quite light and stable of course with the right settings will make it even more optimal for use. You can use older versions of Windows 10 for activities such as writing, creating presentations, browsing, playing games, or even creating programs.

For those of you who have problems with the new version of Windows 10 and maybe your hardware is an old version, maybe it will be suitable if you install with Windows 10 that we share this. You can download the old version of Windows 10 for 32 bit and 64 bit via the following link.

Old Windows 10 ISO Download

File type: ISO
Size: 3.55GB & 5.05GB
Version: 32bit & 64bit

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