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Google Pay App Download Apk New Version

Google Pay App Download Apk New Version

Google Pay App is an application made by Google that is specifically to be able to make payment transactions quickly, in real time, and can be done without direct interaction between the sender and recipient of money (Using NFC). Usually in addition to sending funds between users, the most popular Google Pay can also be used to purchase premium application items, premium games and also e-books found on the Google PlayStore or elsewhere.

Google Pay is also often used in conjunction with other applications such as Google Wallet, where funds from Google Wallet can be transferred easily to a Google Pay account and vice versa.

Google Pay features

  • Available personal/group payment contacts
  • Payment contacts have facial images like social media
  • Making contactless payments (Using NFC)
  • Sync accounts with other apps (such as Google Wallet)
  • Make separate and bulk payments
  • Secure for payments
  • Supports many online application stores such as Google PlayStore

How Google Pay Works

Google Pay can run cause to NFC technology that is widely embedded in android smartphones today. So that when transferring funds, unlike traditionally swiping a card, the sender of money can send money to the recipient at close range. This is similar to bluetooth performance, but it is used for financial transactions.

How To Install Google Pay Apk New Version

To install Google Pay Apk, you can first download Google Pay apk file, the link below this article. Then you can do the installation as usual (click 1 time on the apk file). Perhaps you also need to allow the smartphone to allow the installation of applications from unknown sources.

Google Pay new version is the most recent version of Google Pay that has been released by Google. By default Google Pay app is not automatically installed on android OS. You can download the latest version of Google Pay apk through the following link.

Google Pay App Download Apk New Version

Developer: Google
Size: 50.3 MB
OS: Android 4.0 ++

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