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Resetter Epson L3150

resetter epson l3150

Resetter Epson L3150 is resetter to clear waste ink pad counter of model Epson L3150. Epson L3150 has printing and scanning facilities. Epson L3150 is newer version of another printer version released by Epson.

If you want to reset your Epson printer L3150 you must download the resetter first. And before you extract the resetter you must disable of your antivirus program, include the Windows Defender (Realtime Protection).

After you disable of your antivirus you can open Adjprog.exe. Then, open Keygen.exe, copy existing ID from Adjprog.exe, paste LicenseID in Keygen.exe, and fill Name with whatever you want. after that click New Key, and paste Key into Adjprog.exe and you’re ready to start reset your Epson L3150.

Then you must select “Particular adjustment mode“, select “Waste Ink pad counter” and click “Ok“, tick the section “Main pad counter“, press button “Check“, then press button “Initialize“, click “Finish“, turn off your printer and turn it back on.

Resetter Epson L3150 Download

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  1. Hello. I have just downloaded the file but the adjprog is not opening on my pc idk why. I tried everything to open it on administrator mode, closed the antivirus app.. but its not opening. Can you guys help me with this please?

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