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The latest Chromebooks will be AI-enabled

Latest Chromebook Comes with AI

Google has recently introduced a new Chromebook certification system that includes minimum system requirements for a Chromebook to qualify for this new badge. This certification outlines minimum system requirements to ensure users have a consistent experience with their laptops. Devices that receive this certification will not only meet these requirements but also gain access to exclusive software and AI features that enhance their overall performance. This initiative aims to improve the Chromebook ecosystem by offering a standardized experience while providing additional value to certified devices.

In accordance with Google’s official announcement, these minimum requirements will help consumers make more informed decisions when selecting a Chromebook, as they can now easily identify which devices meet these baseline criteria. This certification system not only aims to improve the overall quality of Chromebooks but also provides users with a clear benchmark for performance, ultimately enhancing the user experience across the Chromebook ecosystem.

Google’s new Chromebook certification system, known as ‘Chromebook Plus‘, sets minimum system requirements that devices must meet to earn the certification. These requirements include a minimum of an Intel Core i3 12th-gen or AMD Ryzen 3 7000-series processor, ensuring that certified Chromebooks offer sufficient processing power for various tasks and applications.

In addition to the processor requirement, certified Chromebooks must have at least 8GB of RAM, which helps improve multitasking capabilities and overall system performance. Furthermore, a minimum of 128GB of storage is mandated, providing users with ample space for files, applications, and multimedia content. Display quality is also a priority, with a minimum requirement of a 1080p IPS display, ensuring sharp and vibrant visuals. Additionally, certified Chromebooks must feature a 1080p webcam with Temporal Noise Reduction, enhancing the quality of video calls and online meetings. These minimum system requirements aim to elevate the Chromebook user experience by offering consistent performance and functionality across certified devices. You can see the following table.

Google’s VP of ChromeOS product, engineering, and UX has made a bold claim that Chromebook Plus laptops will offer “double the performance” in comparison to the best-selling Chromebooks from the previous year. This statement underscores Google’s commitment to improving the performance and user experience of Chromebooks. Furthermore, the company has announced that existing Chromebooks that meet or exceed the newly established minimum system requirements will be upgraded to Chromebook Plus status in the near future. This upgrade will grant these devices access to all the latest software enhancements, ensuring that users of older Chromebooks can still benefit from improved performance and features without having to purchase new hardware.

This move by Google to elevate existing Chromebooks to Chromebook Plus status not only extends the lifespan of older devices but also showcases the company’s dedication to providing a consistent and enhanced experience for all Chromebook users. It aligns with their goal of promoting performance standards and ensuring that a broader range of users can enjoy the benefits of improved software and hardware capabilities on their Chromebooks.

Google has revealed that Chromebook Plus laptops will come with a host of new software features designed to enhance user experiences. These features include AI-powered editing capabilities such as Magic Eraser within the integrated Google Photos app, providing users with powerful tools for image editing and enhancement. Additionally, Chromebook Plus users will have the option to apply portrait blur to their existing photos, allowing for creative depth-of-field effects. Furthermore, the inclusion of an HDR effect that improves brightness and contrast in photos will provide users with more control over their image editing, ultimately elevating the quality of their visuals.

Chromebook Plus devices also are set to receive another AI-driven feature aimed at enhancing the video conferencing experience. This feature focuses on improving clarity and lighting during video calls, offering tools like background blur and background noise reduction. These enhancements will be accessible across a range of teleconferencing applications, including popular platforms like Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and others. This ensures that users can enjoy more professional and distraction-free video calls on their Chromebook Plus laptops, making them a valuable choice for remote work and virtual meetings.

In addition to video conferencing improvements, Chromebook Plus devices will benefit from File Sync functionality. This feature will automatically download Google Drive files onto the device, allowing users to access their files offline. This addition simplifies data management and ensures that users can access their important documents, even when an internet connection is not readily available, further enhancing the productivity and versatility of Chromebook Plus devices.

Google has outlined its commitment to continually enhancing Chromebook Plus devices by introducing new features periodically. Among the upcoming features, one in development harnesses AI-powered image generation with personalized options accessible within ChromeOS settings menu. This innovative feature allows users to create custom wallpapers effortlessly using customizable text prompts, providing a unique and personalized touch to their device’s interface. Additionally, Google is working on integrating generative AI backgrounds into video calls, enhancing the visual experience during virtual meetings. This focus on personalization and improved aesthetics showcases Google’s dedication to offering users a more tailored and visually appealing computing environment.

Starting from October 8, Chromebook Plus laptops will be readily available in the United States through well-known retailers like Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart, and Target, with prices starting at $399. This widespread availability ensures that consumers in the US can easily access these devices, making them an attractive option for various computing needs. Moreover, customers in Canada and Europe can also look forward to purchasing Chromebook Plus laptops starting from October 9, expanding the global reach of these devices.

Notably, several leading Chromebook manufacturers, including Acer, Asus, HP, and Lenovo, have already announced their own versions of the Chromebook Plus. This indicates a growing trend in the Chromebook market, with multiple manufacturers recognizing the appeal of this new certification system and its associated features. As a result, consumers can expect a wide range of options to choose from when selecting a Chromebook Plus, catering to various preferences and requirements.

New features coming to Chromebook plus

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