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Unlock Massive Storage: WD Ultrastar Transporter Holds 368TB in Just 30 Pounds!

Unlock Massive Storage - WD Ultrastar Transporter Holds 368TB in Just 30 Pounds!

Western Digital addresses diverse storage needs with solutions tailored to specific scenarios, from remote seismic exploration to areas with limited internet connectivity. For professionals navigating these challenges, WD presents the Ultrastar Transporter. This rugged device, weighing 30 pounds and featuring a dedicated carrying case, is designed to offer dependable storage solutions in demanding environments.

Boasting 368TB of NVMe flash storage and a formidable 12-core CPU, the Ultrastar Transporter from Western Digital is a portable yet powerful storage solution. Weighing approximately 30 pounds and accompanied by a carrying case, it offers both performance and convenience. Western Digital suggests placing this server in a data center rack, providing flexibility for deployment in various environments, whether remote or centralized. Equipped with custom rail kits, installation into racks is streamlined, ensuring a smooth integration process for optimal storage performance.

The Ultrastar Transporter, weighing 30 pounds, may seem heavy for transport, but Western Digital emphasizes the substantial time saved when physically moving large data volumes compared to online transfer methods. This device’s design is centered around managing massive datasets, enabling efficient data transfers between edge and data center locations. It is particularly suited for scenarios where extensive data collection occurs in one location, followed by processing in another.

At this year’s NAB Show in Las Vegas, Western Digital introduced the Ultrastar Transporter alongside a range of other storage solutions. Among the highlights were new memory cards designed to elevate both speed and capacity to unprecedented levels. Western Digital joined Samsung in the release of commercially available ultra-portable SD Express storage in 2024, further expanding options for high-performance, compact storage solutions.

The upcoming WD/SanDisk SD Express and SanDisk microSD Express memory cards promise up to 4.4 times faster transfer speeds compared to their current fastest SD UHS-I card. These advancements position them as ideal choices for data-intensive workflows, high-performance cameras, and other compatible devices, Western Digital notes. Their impressive performance levels rival those of SSD speeds, and they maintain compatibility with current SD UHS-I and UHS-II devices.

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