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Adobe Firefly Download


Adobe Firefly is an AI extension that can be used in Adobe Photoshop software to create photo editing quickly, coolly, and inspirationally because it uses very advanced AI technology. With this Adobe Firefly extension you will be able to edit photos efficiently without having to know the tools in Photoshop which may be very many and confusing.

Adobe Firefly is becoming very popular at the beginning of the year until mid-2023 because it carries entirely new AI technology and is made by well-known companies like Adobe. Editing photos is of course now much easier by using Adobe Firefly and Photoshop at the same time. Not only that, for those who are proficient in Adobe Photoshop though, finally with Adobe Firefly this will be able to provide inspiration that previously may never have been easier than now.

By using Adobe Firefly you can complete the objects in the cropped photo so that the objects become complete/intact. With Adobe Firefly you can also add objects that were not previously in the original image. The results of Adobe Firefly editing can be said to be very smooth, making it difficult to distinguish between AI or manual human work.

How to Install Adobe Firefly?

1. You can simply download the Adobe Firefly file, the link is below this article.

2. Then you can extract the files using a program like WinRar.

3. Paste FireflyAI.exe in the folder where your photoshop installation is located, usually in the directory: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop (year)\.

4. Run the FireflyAI.exe file by right-clicking “Run as administrator“. This is mandatory for Adobe Firefly to be used properly.

5. Wait for confirmation from the popup to appear so that your Adobe Photoshop 2023 is ready to use with Adobe Firefly AI which will be able to help you edit photos using the latest AI technology.

It should be noted that the Adobe Firefly AI that we share for you will only work on Adobe Photoshop 2023 software with a minimum update version of 24.5 or above. So if your version of Adobe Photoshop is below it you won’t be able to use Adobe Firefly for this AI. You may also need to install Adobe Creative Cloud and have an adobe account as well to be able to use this version of Adobe Photoshop.

For those of you who need Adobe Firefly to be used with Adobe Photoshop in generative images, you can download the extension or plugin via the following link.

Adobe Firefly AI Download

Size: 55.2MB
File type: .ZIP
File Name: FireflyAI.exe

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