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Top 5 Armor Sets in Starfield

Top 5 Armor Sets in Starfield

In Starfield, while there may be potential shortcomings in pacing or storytelling, it’s essential to acknowledge the meticulous attention to detail invested in creating in-game items such as armor sets and spacesuits. These items not only contribute to the game’s pursuit of NASA Punk aesthetics but also serve a vital role in safeguarding your character. Rather than being mere cosmetic additions, the armor sets in Starfield offer distinct protective qualities. As a result, certain spacesuits outshine others in terms of functionality. In this article, we have compiled a list of the top Starfield armors and spacesuits that you should consider acquiring.

Each armor set in Starfield offers unique protective features, making some spacesuits more effective than others. This article provides a comprehensive list of the best Starfield armors and spacesuits that you should prioritize obtaining, ensuring your character is well-prepared for the challenges that lie ahead in the game.

1. UC Vanguard Armor

Damage: 64
How To Get It: Completing the questline “Grunt Work”.

In Starfield, UC Vanguard stands as one of the four factions players can align with, offering a range of assignments and tasks to undertake. As you progress through the faction’s questline, completing the second mission titled “Grunt Work“, you’ll unlock access to the UC Vanguard armor. This armor design is noteworthy for its striking resemblance to the iconic Kamen Rider suit, incorporating the signature colors and design elements commonly associated with the United Colonies Space Marines.

The UC Vanguard armor, obtained through the progression of the faction’s storyline, is an intriguing addition to your character’s arsenal. As you engage in the various tasks and missions assigned by the UC Vanguard, obtaining this armor becomes a significant milestone in your journey through the game, allowing you to embrace the spirit and appearance of a true spacefaring hero.

The UC Vanguard armor in Starfield boasts impressive statistics, offering players a formidable advantage in various in-game situations. With a commendable 64 damage resistance against enemies, along with 15 thermal protection, 30 airborne protection, and an additional 15 radiation protection, this armor proves to be a well-rounded choice. Its versatility makes it a valuable asset for players looking to tackle a wide range of challenges and environments within the game.

Notably, the UC Vanguard armor’s 15 points of radiation protection make it particularly suited for exploration on planets and plains that are plagued by radiation. When venturing into such hazardous areas, this spacesuit should be your primary choice, ensuring your character’s safety and allowing you to navigate radiated terrain with confidence.

2. House Va’ruun Zealot Armor

Damage: 68
How To Get It: Dropped by the Va’ruun zealots.

The House Va’ruun zealot spacesuit proves to be a formidable asset for players seeking to conquer various challenges. With an impressive damage resistance stat of 68 against enemies, this spacesuit empowers players to overcome virtually any obstacle they encounter, turning potential adversaries into mere impediments on their path to success. Moreover, the spacesuit offers a substantial 15 points of protection against thermal and corrosive damage, enhancing the player’s survivability in hostile environments and combat scenarios.

The House Va’ruun zealot spacesuit’s combination of high damage resistance and thermal/corrosive protection makes it a well-rounded choice for players looking to excel in combat and navigate hazardous landscapes with ease. Whether facing off against formidable foes or exploring environments filled with thermal and corrosive hazards, this spacesuit ensures that players can confront these challenges head-on and emerge victorious.

3. Reactive Mantis Armor

Damage: Randomized
How To Get It: Reward For The Mantis Questline.

Our exploration of the Mantis Quest solution reaffirms the assertion that it stands as one of the more intricately crafted side stories within the Starfield universe. Upon its completion, players are not only granted access to an early-game spaceship but are also bestowed with the unique armor that bears resemblance to the iconic character, Batman. While the Mantis armor may not possess the same visual allure as some other space armors in the game, it holds the prestigious status of being a legendary armor, signifying its exceptional in-game attributes and capabilities.

The Mantis armor’s legendary status extends to its remarkable in-game statistics, offering players some of the most impressive stats available within the game. This armor serves as a testament to the notion that appearances can be deceiving, as its unassuming design conceals its true potential. As players delve deeper into the mysteries of the Mantis Quest, they will come to appreciate not only the engaging narrative but also the invaluable rewards it bestows upon those who complete it.

One notable challenge associated with the Mantis armor is its randomized statistics, which can vary significantly from player to player. As a result, every individual who acquires the Mantis spacesuit will encounter different stat allocations. In our own experience, we were fortunate to receive thermal protection as part of the armor’s attributes. To optimize your chances of obtaining the specific stats you desire, it is advisable to create a save file before acquiring the Mantis spacesuit. Afterward, you can load the game to reroll the stats, allowing you to continue until you achieve the desired configuration that best suits your gameplay needs.

4. Ecliptic Spacesuit Armor

Damage: 56
How To Get It: Dropped by Eclipse Mercenaries.

In the world of Starfield, the Eclipse mercenaries represent formidable adversaries frequently encountered by players. Engaging in combat with these mercenaries can yield a unique and visually striking armor known as the Ecliptic spacesuit. Statistically, this spacesuit may not excel in terms of inflicting significant damage on enemies, as it offers a modest damage output of 56. However, its true value lies in the defensive attributes it provides, featuring a substantial 30 points of thermal protection and an additional 20 points of corrosive protection.

The Ecliptic spacesuit emerges as an appealing choice for players who prioritize defense and protection when facing off against various threats in the game. While its damage output may not be the highest, its robust thermal and corrosive protection makes it a valuable asset for navigating environments rife with these hazards and for withstanding attacks from enemies who employ such damage types. As players traverse the intricate landscapes of Starfield and confront Eclipse mercenaries, the Ecliptic spacesuit stands as a reliable option for fortifying their character’s resilience and ensuring their survival in hostile conditions.

Given its robust thermal and corrosive protection, the Ecliptic spacesuit emerges as an excellent choice for space exploration and travel in Starfield. As players venture into the vast cosmos, this armor provides the necessary defense to withstand the various hazards encountered during their interstellar journeys. Its protective qualities make it a dependable option for those seeking to explore the unknown, ensuring that their character remains safe and well-prepared for the challenges of deep space.

5. Constellation Spacesuit Armor

Damage: 78
How To Get It: Completing the “Old Neighborhood” Questline.

The Constellation faction plays a pivotal role in the immersive experience of Starfield, and aligning with them offers players the opportunity to acquire a distinctive armor set that reflects their affiliation. The Constellation spacesuit, an emblematic representation of this faction, bears a visual resemblance to the Mark 1 spacesuit. However, it distinguishes itself by its bulkier design and stands as an appealing choice for players, particularly in the early stages of the game.

Despite its similarities to the Mark 1 spacesuit, the Constellation spacesuit brings its own unique charm and practicality to the table. Its bulkier appearance hints at its potential for enhanced protection, making it a favorable option for players seeking reliable armor in the initial hours of their Starfield adventure. The Constellation spacesuit serves as both a testament to the faction’s identity and a practical asset, offering players an early-game choice that blends form and function seamlessly within the game’s expansive universe.

The Constellation Spacesuit Armor set in Starfield is purpose-built for exploration, providing players with a comprehensive set of protective attributes to navigate the diverse challenges of the game. With a substantial 30 points of thermal damage protection, 20 points of corrosive protection, and an additional 10 points of radiation damage protection, this armor ensures that players are well-prepared to confront various environmental hazards they may encounter during their interstellar journeys. Moreover, the Constellation Spacesuit Armor set doesn’t skimp on offensive capabilities either, offering an impressive 78 points of physical damage output against enemies, making it a versatile choice for both defense and offense.

The well-rounded protective qualities of the Constellation Spacesuit Armor set make it an excellent choice for players who prioritize exploration and defense while delving into the intricacies of the Starfield universe. Whether facing off against environmental threats or engaging in combat with adversaries, this armor equips players with the resilience and firepower needed to thrive in the game’s challenging and ever-evolving environments.

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