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Grammarly’s AI Feature Mirrors Your Writing Style and Tone


Grammarly is making a strategic move by unveiling a set of new AI features geared towards the enterprise sector, enabling users to enhance their English text writing with greater efficiency. The company, based in the United States, is not simply following the AI trend of the moment, as it has been actively developing “AI solutions” for its customers for more than 14 years.

Grammarly, a cloud-based typing assistant, has been developed to review, correct, and enhance English texts. This versatile tool is accessible as both a standalone application and a browser extension, with a specialized version for Google Docs. Based in San Francisco, Grammarly is strategically focusing on its most recent generative AI features to tap into new possibilities within the enterprise market. By offering advanced AI-driven solutions for businesses, Grammarly aims to expand its presence and cater to the specific needs of corporate users.

Grammarly is set to provide businesses with a powerful tool for enhancing their written communications. This development positions the company to potentially revolutionize how enterprises approach written content, boosting productivity and efficiency in the process. Grammarly’s expansion into the enterprise market underscores the growing importance of AI-driven language tools in professional contexts, further solidifying its status as a key player in the field of language enhancement and communication.

With these new AI-driven features, Grammarly is dedicated to empowering its customers to work “smarter and faster” in their professional writing endeavors. This step highlights Grammarly’s dedication to enhancing the writing and communication skills of its users, particularly in the enterprise domain, setting it apart as a leader in the field of AI-driven language tools.

Grammarly’s official press release highlights its standout AI feature, “Personalized voice” detection and application, aimed at combatting the issue of AI-generated text appearing robotic or lacking a personal touch. With this innovation, Grammarly can now identify and analyze a user’s unique writing style, leading to the creation of a “personal voice profile“. This profile, a dynamic representation of the user’s writing voice, can be employed to rewrite or generate text, ensuring a more personalized and authentic feel to the content. What sets this feature apart is its adaptability – Grammarly continuously refines the personal voice profile, aligning it with users evolving preferences and stylistic choices over time, offering a truly tailored writing experience.

The introduction of the “Personalized voice” feature by Grammarly marks a significant stride in the world of AI-driven writing tools. The ongoing refinement of personal voice profiles showcases the platform’s dedication to adaptability and continuous improvement, positioning it as a valuable and personalized writing assistant for users seeking to infuse their writing with their own unique style and voice.

In addition to its “Personalized voice” feature, Grammarly is now offering its generative AI features that were previously in beta to a wider audience. This expansion brings a range of enhanced capabilities to Grammarly users. Notable additions include an improved “Improve It” prompt, which assists users in rewriting text more effectively, and the provision of clear explanations regarding the enhancements made by Grammarly’s AI algorithms to the original text. Moreover, Grammarly has refined its integration of context, resulting in more accurate and context-aware suggestions, while the extension of past prompts ensures the generation of more relevant and context-specific output. These advancements collectively enhance Grammarly’s ability to empower users with an even more efficient and effective writing assistant.

The availability of these previously beta-only generative AI features is a significant step forward for Grammarly, making its powerful tools more accessible to a wider user base. With improved text rewriting guidance, increased context sensitivity, and the ability to produce relevant content based on past prompts, Grammarly is further solidifying its position as a valuable and versatile platform for users seeking to enhance their writing skills and efficiency.

Grammarly reports that its generative AI features are being actively utilized by users to generate more than 12 million pieces of content on a weekly basis. This highlights the growing reliance on trained machine learning algorithms to assist in creating initial drafts, generating ideas, managing email correspondence, and ensuring text is rewritten in the desired length and tone. These AI-driven capabilities have become an integral part of the writing process for many Grammarly users, underscoring the platform’s significance in enhancing productivity and content creation across a wide range of contexts.

To further support its business customers, Grammarly is expanding the limits for prompt usage. Enterprise customers can now benefit from “unlimited prompts“, providing them with the freedom to maximize their use of Grammarly’s AI-driven writing assistance. Additionally, Team and Education service customers can now access up to 2,000 prompts, offering enhanced flexibility and value for a wide array of professional and educational use cases. These expanded prompt limits reflect Grammarly’s commitment to accommodating the diverse needs of its user base and contributing to their writing success.

With an impressive track record, the cloud company has revealed that a staggering 96% of Fortune 500 companies have adopted its platform to achieve tangible results and enhance their business prospects. Notably, global giants like Atlassian, Zoom, Expedia, and Siemens have embraced this technology, leading to an average annual time-saving of 19 working days per employee. These substantial efficiency gains equate to a remarkable annual cost savings of over $5.1 million per corporation, offering an outstanding return on investment, estimated at more than 17 times the initial outlay.

The adoption of the cloud company’s platform by Fortune 500 companies underscores its transformative impact on some of the world’s most prominent organizations. The significant time and cost savings achieved through this technology have translated into substantial financial benefits and enhanced productivity, reaffirming the platform’s value and its pivotal role in driving business success at a global scale.

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