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Visual Studio 2015 License Key


Visual Studio 2015 License Key is a multiple digit number and letters that can be used to make Visual Studio 2015 usable to its full feature, especially for the Enterprise version. As we know Visual Studio 2015 is indeed a very old version of Visual Studio, but the 2015 version may still be used frequently because many extensions that support are used in this version of the IDE, especially at that time many extensions can be used for free and are very different from the current extensions that require users to subscribe by paying, call it a popular extension like “InstallShield” that can be used to do setup.

In addition, of course Visual Studio 2015 support if used on older operating systems such as Windows 8 and Windows 10. The Visual Studio 2015 version is also an early version of Visual Studio with a new look that carries the flex/box design. Visual Studio 2015 is also not too heavy like the version above, so it is suitable if your computer specifications are still very minimal.

The highest version of Visual Studio 2015 is enterprise, you can use this version if you need it especially for collaboration. You can try some of the following serial keys to try applying them to Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise Edition.

Visual Studio Enterprise Edition Product Key

Choose just one:


To use the key in Visual Studio 2015 you can simply access the “Help” menu while opening/creating a project, then you select the “Register Visual Studio” menu and choose to Unlock with the key.

Visual Studio 2015 itself has a file size of 3-8GB, depending on which version update you download. In addition, the higher the update version, the larger the file size of Visual Studio 2015. Although it can be said to be an old version, you can still use Visual Studio 2015 to create useful programs for yourself and others.

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