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Epson ME32 Resetter

Epson ME32 Resetter

If your Epson ME32 printer is experiencing problems during use and displays a message such as “Service required” it is possible that your printer is asking to be reset. Although actually Epson recommends taking it to the Service center but if you need it because it is urgent then you can solve this problem by using the resetter software for the Epson ME32 printer.

Epson ME32 resetter is software used to reset the Epson ME32 printer, specifically this software will be able to solve the problem of the “Waste ink pad counter” which is full, so the printer raises an error when used. In addition, with this resetter, you will also be able to perform other maintenance on the printer.

For a guide on how to use this Epson ME32 resetter, you can follow the following guide.

How to Reset Epson ME32 Printer

  1. Before you download the resetter, you should temporarily disable your antivirus. This is to prevent antivirus detection errors in the resetter program.
  2. You can download Epson ME32 Resetter via the link below this article.
  3. After you download the resetter file, you can extract it by right-clicking > Extract All.
  4. You can then open the resetter folder and run the “AdjProg.exe” file by double-clicking or right-clicking then selecting Open.
  5. A popup will then appear and select “Accept“.
  6. The resetter software will open, first select your printer type by clicking the “SELECT” button. Then select “EPSON ME 32“. For Destination option, please select according to your location, then click “OK“.
  7. Click the “Particular adjustment mode” button, then select the option on “Waste ink pad counter“. After that, click “OK“.
  8. Then there you must check the “Main pad counter” option, continue by clicking the Check button, then you click the Initialization button.
  9. Actually, the reset process is complete, but if you fail to do so, you can try moving the printer’s USB cable to another available port on the PC, and make sure the printer is connected to the PC properly.

That’s a guide on how you can resolve errors on the Epson ME32 printer by using the resetter software. You can use this resetter on almost all types of Windows including Windows 7/8/10/11. You can download the Epson ME32 resetter via the following link.

Epson ME32 Resetter Adjustment Program Download

Size: 402KB
OS Support: Windows 7/8/10/11 or above
Printer: Epson ME32 Printer

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