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Seize the Opportunity: Register .ing Top-Level Domains with Google Today!


Google has opened pre-registration for new top-level domains with the extension .ING. These new top-level domains are intended to provide a platform for greater online self-expression, whether you are an adventurer, entertainer, or business owner. This initiative highlights Google’s commitment to expanding the internet landscape and offering users more choices to enhance their online presence with domain names that align with their passions and purposes.

Google Registry, after previously causing chaos and insecurity in the online world with easily exploitable .zip domains, is back with another “exciting” internet domain. The tech giant has introduced the “.ing” top-level domain, which appears to be suitable for creating websites and online services with a single word. This domain extension opens up new opportunities for businesses and individuals seeking to establish a distinct online presence with concise and memorable web addresses.

Google promotes the versatility of the .ing top-level domain, emphasizing its suitability for a wide range of purposes, whether it’s creating a promotional webpage, supporting charitable causes, or editing PDF documents. The tech giant highlights its commitment to meeting the diverse needs of users by listing the initial entities that have already registered their .ing domains. These early adopters serve as examples, showcasing the broad spectrum of applications the internet registry is expected to offer to potential customers.

Google highlights the versatility of the .ing top-level domain, particularly emphasizing its suitability for design, boutique, and “maker” initiatives. This unique domain extension provides opportunities for businesses and organizations to establish a distinct online presence in these creative and innovative niches. For example, a woman-owned small business, like The Inkbunny Studios, can use .ing to offer a stylish and quality body art experience. Meanwhile, a Bay Area business, such as Nom Bot Dumplings, can leverage the domain to innovate and automate the dumpling-making process, showcasing their commitment to modernizing traditional practices. Even the Swiss Association of Consulting Engineering Companies has recognized the value of .ing, using it to enhance conditions within Switzerland’s engineering and planning industry, which further demonstrates the domain’s potential for diverse applications and initiatives.

These examples illustrate how the .ing domain extension is not limited to a specific industry but rather provides an excellent platform for various endeavors and ventures that prioritize creativity, innovation, and a unique online identity. Whether it’s in the fields of design, boutique businesses, or innovative projects like automated dumpling making, the .ing domain offers businesses and organizations a chance to make a memorable online mark within their chosen niche.

Google has introduced a unique opportunity for customers to register their own .ing domain during the Early Access Period, although it comes with a significant cost. During this period, one-time fees for acquiring .ing domains can surpass $1 million. However, Google has implemented a daily fee reduction schedule, gradually decreasing the cost, with the Early Access Period ending on December 5. After this date, .ing domains will be widely accessible to the public through professional registrars like GoDaddy and 101Domain at a standard annual price.

This approach allows early adopters to secure their preferred .ing domains at a premium, ensuring exclusivity during the Early Access Period. Subsequently, it ensures that .ing domains become more accessible to a broader range of users once the general availability phase begins, aligning with Google’s goal to provide opportunities for a diverse range of individuals, businesses, and organizations to establish their unique online identities with this domain extension.

Customers interested in checking the availability of .ing domains can easily do so by visiting the website. This platform is designed to provide users with access to a selection of “short, memorable” domains, each of which comes with built-in security features. These domains are included in the HSTS preload list, ensuring that HTTPS requests to .ing domains will not necessitate individual HSTS registration or configuration. Google’s commitment to security and user-friendly access is evident in this streamlined approach, making it more convenient for individuals and businesses to secure their desired .ing domain and leverage the inherent security benefits.

The introduction of the “.ing” top-level domain demonstrates Google’s ongoing commitment to diversifying and expanding the internet’s domain name landscape. It offers a unique and versatile option for those looking to create websites that emphasize action, creativity, and engagement, all while providing a memorable and concise online identity. This development in domain registration provides an exciting new avenue for opportunists and entrepreneurs looking to make the most of this innovative internet naming convention.

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